UPDATE on Regional Techs Meeting

Pam Ciesla pam
Wed Sep 29 16:32:29 UTC 1993

The following will include NEW and old info regarding the Regional Techs Mtg,
being held on October 4 & 5.

Meeting: October 4th and 5th (Mon-Tue) in Ann Arbor.
North Campus, Chrysler Center for Continuing Engineering Education,
2121 Bonisteel Boulevard. This is about 1-1/2 blocks from the three
on-campus Merit office locations (NDSB, IST and the Comp Center).

RSVP: Please let us know if you are coming. A reply to this
____  message should go to nsf-seminar at merit.edu. Thanks.

1.      If you are from out of town and need a parking permit they will be
        available where you sign in.  DO NOT park at meters when using a
        parking permit.

2.      Detroit Metropolitian Airport is located 25 miles east of Ann Arbor
        on I-94.  At Metro you will find many car rental agencies and a bus
        service, Commuter Service (in Michigan 1-800-351-LIMO, Nationwide,
        1-800-458-9401). You can buy a bus ticket at the Ground Transportation
        Desk near the Luggage Pick-up (cash only).  Buses leave hourly and stop
        at the Michigan Union (located on Central Campus) and major hotels in
        Ann Arbor.  The fare is $14.00 one way or $25.00 roung trip (slighty
        more to the hotels).  Make your return reservations the before you leave
        and plan to leave 1 1/2 - 2 hours before you flight time.

3.      The Chrysler Ctr is located on Bonisteel Blvd.  To reach it from the
        airport take I-94 west to I-23 north.  Exit on the Plymouth Road turn
        left (west), you will pass 4 street lights at the 5th light (Murfin)
        turn left.  You will take this past the 1st stop sigh (Hubbard) before
        you get to the next stop sign (Bonisteel) turn left into the parking
        lot.  There is another parking lot on Bonisteel (turn left at the stop
        sign) on the left side of the street. Remember you can get a parking
        permit inside the Chrysler Ctr at the registration desk.

4.      The Holiday Inn is located on Plymouth Road just west of I-23.  It
        is on the left (south) side of the road just over the expressway.
        The Campus Inn is on Central Campus.  To get from the airport to
        it you take I-94 west to I-23 north take the Washtenaw exit to
        Ann Arbor (west).  Stay on Washtenaw until you get to E. Huron St.
        Turn left and the hotel is on the left between State and Division.
        You can ftp to merit.edu directory pub/nsfnet/regional-techs/campus.
        map.ps to get a small map of Central Campus.

The following is the list of Attendees that I have:
Ali, Nisar
Almes, Guy
Bayraktar, Serpil
Becker, Jordan
Bennett, Eric
Blair, Sue
Blake-Hedges, Jennifer
Bostwick, Rebeca
Boyer, Deb
Burgar, Jeff
Calderon, Robert
Carroll, Eric
Chen, Enke
Christie, Tom
Collet, Robert
Conto, Richard
Cunningham, Steve
Driscoll, Mark
Easterday, Tom
El-Aawar, Nasser
Ferguson, Dennis
Ford, Peter
Fredenburg, Chris
Fuller, Vince
Garner, Chris
Gerich, Elise
Hares, Sue
Holbrook, Paul
Horvath, Susan
Joncheray, Laurent
Kennedy, Sean
Kives, Steve
Knopper, Mark
Labbe, John
Labovitz, Craig
Langford, David
Latta, Ken
Lothbberg, Peter
Martin, Dave
McRobb, Daniel
Metcalf, Stan
Norton, Bill
Nowak, Bill
Nugent, Jay
Owen, Kraig
Partan, Andrew
Philyaw, Anthony
Powell, Steve
Priestley, Selina
Prue, Walt
Repucci, Sheri
Riolo, Rick
Satyam, Surekha
Scudder, John
Shih, Lo
Smith, Kim
Thomas, Joseph
Topolcici, Claudio
Waters, Jack
Winkler, Linda
Wittbrodt, Cathy
Wojcik, Jane
Yazdian, Riaz
Yu, Jessica
Zawada, Paul

Mark Knopper will be sending out the final AGENDA soon.  Elise Gerich will be
setting up Whirlly Ball for Monday evening. A dinner will be planned for
Monday evening, details to follow later.  If you need more info just let
us know.  Also if you have not replied please do so, it helps
when ordering food and such.

Thanks again,

Pam Ciesla

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