US-UK routing cutover

Peter Lothberg roll at Slaptoy.Stupi.SE
Wed Oct 13 19:04:41 UTC 1993

> This is to inform everyone that routing between the US and most 
> UK networks (along with several other European networks) will
> transition from the NASA Science Internet (NSI) to the Sprint/ICMnet 
> today (Wed, Oct. 13) at noon EDT. There will be about a 10-15 min
> interruption in service while the multiplexers and routers are 
> reconfigured. The trans-Atlantic link speed will remain at 1.024Mb.
> Thanks,
> Jeff

Well, the smoke is gone and things seems to work.

I beleive it's safe to go ahead and submit the final NACRs where we
use 1800 1133 1240 (nsi).

Thanks everyone.


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