Coordinating ISPs

Kent England kwe at BBN.COM
Wed Oct 6 15:08:09 UTC 1993

>From: William Manning <bmanning at>
>What is a Internet Provider?
>An entity that provides IP service to a customer base, either in a closed 
>environment (no external world view) or open, world connected Internet service.
>At a minimum this would entail a bilateral aggreement with another provider to 
>exchange routing information between the two.  


I think "coordinating" is the operant adjective.  Anyone who needs to
coordinate is de facto a coordinating internet service provider.

Sounds circular, so focus on the adjectival description:

What is a Coordinating Internet Provider?

A coordinating internet service provider is a ISP that needs to
coordinate with other ISPs for information exchange and service
continuity to support the global Internet within the context of
<appropriate> standards and <appropriate> practices.

That pretty much lets anyone in who agrees to participate.


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