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Please forward this to any NIC personnel or others who support Internet
users.  Thanks.


                       NIC Fest '93 
                     November 6, 1993
                   San Diego, California

Apologies to those who may be seeing this twice. Included in 
this second mailing is additional information about the 
individual sessions at NIC Fest and the name of our closing 
speaker:  Alan Emtage, Vice President of Research and 
Development, Bunyip Information Systems, and co-developer 
of Archie.

Other speakers include:

Jane Smith, Assistant Director, Clearinghouse for Networked 
Information Discovery and Retrieval (CNIDR)

Joyce Reynolds, Technical Staff, ISI; Area Director, IETF User 
Services (Internet Engineering Task Force)

The InterNIC Team:
  Susan Calcari, InterNIC Information Services
  Subu Subramanian, InterNIC Directory and Database Services
  Scott Williamson, InterNIC Registration Services

Send in the registration form below soon to hold your place 
since attendance is expected to be high. 


NIC Fest '93

The Workshop for Network Information Center Staff

Wondering what are the most current network services and if 
you're taking full advantage of them in providing support to 
your Internet users? Interested in what current projects are 
underway to develop new Internet documentation and tools? 
Wondering if there are other groups who would like to 
collaborate on projects you'd like to see completed? Want to 
know what's just around the corner in the way of networked 
information and services?

Then attend NIC Fest '93 and have all of these questions 
answered by leading Internet experts. Meet your colleagues 
from around the country and discuss common issues while 
getting to know the person attached to the email addresses you 
know so well. 

Join us for a day-long workshop specifically designed for 
network information center (NIC) management, staff, and 
anyone responsible for supporting Internet users. In addition 
to a day full of useful information and interaction, you'll 
receive a free copy of the first issue of NICLink, a
CD-ROM based collection of Internet reference materials. (see 
below) NIC Fest '93, sponsored by InterNIC Information 
Services will be held on Saturday, November 6, 1993 in San 
Diego, California.  

NIC Fest '93 is being held in conjunction with the ACM SIGUCCS 
'93 conference by invitation of the SIGUCCS Networking Task 
Force. The SIGUCCS conference is being held in San Diego on 
November 7-10. For more information on the ACM SIGUCCS 
conference, FTP to or send mail to 
siguccs at 

NIC Fest will offer interactive tutorials and discussions on 
topics of immediate relevance to NIC personnel. Our goal is to 
leave you informed and up-to-date on NIC tools, projects, and 
futures. Instructors include leading NIC staffers from around 
the Internet, representing InterNIC Information Services, 
Directory and Database Services, Registration Services, the 
Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and
Retrieval (CNIDR), the IETF User Services Working Group, and 
Bunyip Information Systems.

Sessions, all plenary:

* The InterNIC - what it is and what it can do for you. A major 
goal of the InterNIC is to provide services for midlevel and 
campus NICs. Therefore the first session of the day will be two-
way exchange between the InterNIC and attendees to discuss 
current and future InterNIC projects. Input to the InterNIC 
staff will be encouraged during this session and throughout the 

Moderators: Susan Calcari, Subu Subramanian, and Scott 

* Network Tools - The latest methods for information retrieval,
organization, and display, how they work. Gopher, freeWAIS,
Archie, Whois++: integration issues and pros and cons discussed 
from the service provider's perspective.  Current status and 
near future (6 months) developments on all your favorite tools. 

Instructor: Jane Smith of the Clearinghouse for Network 
Information Discovery and Retrieval (CNIDR).

* NIC Projects BOF - IETF Working Groups. Designed as a "Birds 
of a Feather", a meeting where everyone with ideas about a 
given topic gathers to discuss their ideas, interact, learn from 
each other, and move new projects forward. This first BOF will 
discuss projects underway in the IETF User Services Working 
Groups to improve the use and management of networked 
information. The IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) 
Working Groups are a major force in international cooperation 
to produce documents very useful to end users and network 
information centers, such as the FYI series of RFC's. 

BOF Leader: Joyce Reynolds, IETF Area Director, User Services 

* NIC Projects BOF - Europe and Asia-Pacific. A continuation of 
NIC Projects discussions with an emphasis on European 
organizations such as EARN, RIPE, and the RIPE NCC. A new 
network information center being established to serve the 
Asia-Pacific community will also be discussed.  

BOF Leader: Joyce Reynolds

* NIC Fest Forum. Attendee participation and two-way 
communications will be encouraged throughout NIC Fest. 
However at the end of the day an open forum will be held to 
give attendees an opportunity to describe their own projects, 
and for continued discussions of the days topics. Beliefs, 
convictions, and opinions will be especially welcome during 
this  session.

* Upcoming Developments in Cyberspace. Future (1 year) 
developments in the world of networked information. Will 
include eye-witness account of the Frankfurt Book Fair, largest 
book publisher's meeting in the world. (the vision thing :-) 

Alan Emtage, Vice President of Research and Development, 

A free copy of a special introductory issue of NICLink will be 
distributed to all NIC Fest attendees. NICLink, issued quarterly, 
is a CD-ROM subscription service. The NICLink CD will contain 
the InfoSource, theInformation Services online information 
database that highlights the information resources of the 
Internet.  Additional information, images, electronic books, and 
software from the Internet will be included in future issues.  
The CD-ROM will be compatible with Macintosh, PC Windows, 
and some UNIX configurations.  The software used to present 
the data is Interleaf's WorldView Press, which incorporates full 
database search functions as well as hypertext linking 
capabilities to provide a powerful, easy-to-use interface. 

Attendance at the NIC Fest is encouraged for all attendees of 
SIGUUCS and all network information center management, 
staff, and anyone responsible for supporting Internet users 
from campus, government, corporate, and network service 
providers locations. Individuals not responsible for supporting 
users are welcome to attend; however, basic knowledge of the
Internet and Internet terms will be assumed, and the topics 
will be approached from the providers point of view. 

If you're attending SIGUCCS, come out early for a Saturday 
night stay-over and a weekend in San Diego. NIC Fest will be 
held at the Doubletree Inn (619.239.2200) in downtown San 
Diego, just two blocks from the Pan Pacific hotel, site of 
SIGUCCS.  Room price will be just $89.00 if you state that your 
with NIC Fest. Even if you're not attending SIGUCCS, don't miss 
this chance to hear some of the leaders in information services 
for the low price of $89. NIC Fest will begin at 9:30 a.m and end 
at 6:00 p.m. 

Register soon - a high response to the workshop is expected. A
registration form is included below for your convenience. 
Additional information will be sent later. Please complete the 
attendee profile whenyou register so that we can best tailor 
NIC Fest to your specific needs.

Send this form or additional questions about NIC Fest to
nicfest at, or call us at 1.800.444.4345. The 
registration form can also be faxed or mailed:

Barbara Wicklein
InterNIC Seminar Coordinator 9-207L
General Atomics
P.O. Box 85608
San Diego, CA. 92186-9784

FAX: 619.455.4640

See you in November. Until then, see you on the net. 


                         Registration Form








Method of payment:

______check:  make payable to General Atomics

______MasterCard   _______Visa

Name on Credit Card: 

Credit Card Number:______________    Expiration 

                                      Attendee Profile

In order to tailor the NIC Fest agenda and presentations as 
closely as possible to your needs, we would like input on your 
level of expertise and job responsibilities. Please take a 
moment to check the boxes which apply to you.

Networking level of expertise:



_____years using the Internet


_____NIC help desk staff

_____NIC help desk supervisor

_____network documentation

_____network training

_____system administration

_____Another position, in addition to which you support 
Internet users ;
That position:____________________________________________

Type of users you support:

beginners  _______intermediate   _______advanced

_____research     _______education      _______commercial


Please add any details you wish, including particular topics you 
would like to see covered or issues addressed.

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