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Martin Lee Schoffstall schoff at
Mon Oct 4 14:40:11 UTC 1993

for the near term

the US will be a very different environment than Canada and mexico
is my guess

whether that impacts the participant "countries" i don't know


 In the spirit of IEPG and other international groups, should we
 broaden this to include all of North America? Someone here also
 suggested Central and South America.
 I also think this is a very good idea and we will help to support
 a change like this.
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 > To:      "Martin Lee Schoffstall" <schoff at>
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 > In general the idea is good.
 > Within Ripe a new working group called the "EEPG" was started at the
 > last Ripe meeting, and this group has a very simular agenda.
 > Chairman is Bernhard Stockman.
 > To Peter F's proposal I have a comment;
 > >  		Interexchange coordination (e.g. Mae-East, etc.)
 > >  			(network operators as customers of NSFNET NAPs)
 > As the 'GIX-part' of MAE-east servers the Universe, not only one part
 > of the global Internet, I would stress that is one of the tasks of the
 > IEPG, if we all agree on that the IEPG is the place where the regional
 > coordinating bodys meet.
 > As the US side has NAP's and Europe has IXF's, and they are different,
 > It makes sence to put them on the regional agenda.
 > -Peter
 > >  cheers and see you in A**2,
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 > -Peter (L)

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