BGP problem 'lost middleman'

Tony Li tli at
Mon Oct 4 03:17:25 UTC 1993


   The result was that C 'knew' via the BGP session with A, that to
   get to external network 'ext-net', it should send traffic to A. It does
   the IGRP lookup to get to A, and sends the traffic to 'B'.  However,
   since B did not have a BGP session with A, it did not know how to get
   to the ext-net  (in the real case, B was sending traffic back to C since
   the default route was via C).

This is a documented limitation running with "no synchronization".

   What really make me worried is that there doesn't seem to be way
   to detect this kind of a problem easily.. how do others monitor
   their BGP sessions ? 

"show ip bgp summary".

And a little bird tells me that there is MIB in the works...


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