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Mark Knopper mak
Mon Oct 4 01:48:14 UTC 1993

Hi Bill,
  Glad you can make it. From the holiday inn, turn left of the parking
lot so that you will be going west on Plymouth Road. The first light
will be Green Road--turn left on Green. After a half mile or so 
turn right on Hubbard Road. Proceed straight past the light
at Huron Parkway. There is a curve to the left and a stop sign.
Proceed straight. At the stop sign at Beal Ave., turn left.
Then, turn right at the stop sign at Bonisteel Blvd. The
Chrysler Parking lot is on the right side, just past the Cooley
Labs building.
  If you get lost, call our offices at 936-3335.

> From:    bmanning at (William Manning)
> To:      mak at (Mark Knopper)

>  Hi Mark,
> 	I just found my way into town and would like directions from the
> Holiday Inn to the Crysler building.  Can you forward ASCII directions?
> -- 
> Regards,
> Bill Manning         bmanning at        PO Box 1892
>  713-285-5415         713-527-6099	       Houston, Texas
>    R.U. (o-kome)       			        77251-1892

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