Recreational activity before/after Regional Techs meeting?

Jeff Wabik jwabik at
Wed May 12 16:12:32 UTC 1993

> Would anyone planning to attend the regional techs meeting be interested in a
> whitewater rafting trip either the day before or the day after the meetings?
> Early June is the tail end of the prime whitewater season in Pennsylvania and
> West Virginia and there are two relatively easy rivers (the Cheat, in Albright,
> WV and the Lower Youghiogheney, in Ohiopyle, PA) within a 3-4 hour drive of the
> Dulles Airport area.

Absolutely!  In addition to sounding like a lot of fun, I've always
wanted to have this sort of thing in my background..  then, when I
appear on "The New Dating Game" someday, I can say, "Hi.. My name is
Jeff, I'm a network engineer, my sign is libra, and I enjoy whitewater
rafting."   :-)


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