Regional-Techs Meeting June 10-11

Mark Knopper mak
Tue May 11 06:12:00 UTC 1993

Hi. Previously we all agreed that we would like to have another
Regional-Techs Meeting before the July IETF. We have arranged
the dates of June 10 and 11, at Sprint International in Reston, VA,
for this meeting. The major topic of the meeting will be 
deployment of CIDR, BGP-4 and route aggregation. I will send
further information about the agenda in the next few days,
and we will also send a note about the logistics for travel.

If you would like to make flight arrangements now, Sprint is nearest
to the Dulles airport. The meeting will begin June 10 at 9:00am,
and end June 11 at 12:00 noon.

Please send questions about logistics, etc., to the list nsf-seminar at
I hope you can attend.

	Mark Knopper
	Merit/NSFNET Internet Engineering

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