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Michael J. O'Connor oconnor at
Wed Mar 31 23:16:26 UTC 1993

This may be redundant information to you all, but we felt that it was
better that you received too many offers vice none.


As you may or may not know, Internet Talk Radio, a "radio" program in the
style of NPR's "All Things Considered" is being distributed over the
Internet.  The "show" is composed of a collection of digitized audio files.

The producers of the show intend for the files to be distributed in a
coordinated manner, from primary server to secondaries to tertiaries, etc.
in an attempt to prevent any one server from being overwhelmed.

ANS CO+RE will provide a secondary server.  Since this is a new venture,
we will distribute the show via a modified anonymous ftp service for the
time being.  As usage data becomes available we may modify the distribution

The current files are located on the machine in the
directory /pub/radio.  The FTP server on this machine has a slightly
modified anonymous account in that it requires a real password.  The
current password is "ansco+re".  The server logs all accesses so we
can start collecting the usage data.

>From the producer's note:

	"You will find two programs in the directory: Geek of the Week
	 and TechNation.  Geek of the Week is an interview show and is
	 split into 7 files lasting ~40 minutes.  TechNation is an
	 hourly show from KQED (National Public Radio in San Francisco).
	 Each program has a readme file associated with it:

        	e.g., 033193_geek.readme"

To obtain the current "show" (~50MB total) use the following procedure:

	User: anonymous
	Password: ansco+re	<== NOTE: password required

	ftp> cd /pub/radio
	ftp> prompt
	ftp> binary
	ftp> mget 03*.au
	ftp> ascii
	ftp> mget *.readme

We will mail announcements of the availability of future shows to
those who are interested.  I would appreciate receiving a note telling
me whether or not you would like to receive those announcements.

		Mike O'Connor
		oconnor at

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