Let's clean up these configurations

Piet.Beertema at mcsun.EU.net Piet.Beertema at mcsun.EU.net
Tue Mar 16 20:35:14 UTC 1993

    *** The following networks are announced by secondary AS,  
        but not by primary AS:
      130.251     UG-NET       C:IT  D:01/22/90  1:1800 2:701 3:274 4:60
Is about to be changed to 1:513 2:1800

      192.26.119  FUUG-ETHER   C:FI  D:11/02/90  1:701 2:1800
Leave it this way: as yet it's an anomaly, but this
announcement will be correct in the near future due
to a restructuring of EUnet's international links.


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