Dial-Up Access from Reston

Mark Knopper mak
Thu Jun 10 03:10:40 UTC 1993

Dialup access instructions for the Regional-Techs
Meeting in Reston  6/10-11, 1993

Hi. Sprint, SURAnet and ANS have all provided dialup access for
attendees of the meeting. Each has different phone numbers and
dialing instructions. All provide telnet access, and both SURA
and ANS offer SLIP/PPP access. With ANS you'll have to ask for
an id code specially for yourself. Here are the instructions.



From:    ipasha at icm1.icp.net (Ismat Pasha)
Subject: Dial-up access (telnet only)

		Phone: 1-800-488-0390
		User id: regi_tech
		Password: regi_tech



From:    "Roy Alcala" <ralcala at sura.net>

We have created several dialup accounts on a NetBlazer for use by meeting
attendees.  There is one account for terminal-server type access, and 
several others for SLIP and PPP.  The IP addresses that should be used
for these are listed below.  

The surappp account will select an unused IP address from a pool and attempt 
to convey this address to the remote machine via IPCP.  If you find that the 
negotiation fails with your software, you will have to use one of the 
surappp1-5 accounts and statically configure the IP address on your end.

If another user is already logged in using one of the surappp1-5 or 
suraslip1-5 accounts and you attempt to use the same account, you will 
get a message from the NetBlazer: 
  "packet user 'suraXXXX' already logged in on lineXX".  
You will have to select a different account if this happens.

The IP address of the NetBlazer is  You should set this as
your default gateway.

The MTU is 1006 for the SLIP accounts, and 1500 for the PPP accounts.

The suranet account provides character access to the NetBlazer command
prompt.  Outgoing telnet sessions can be established from this account.

	Login		IP address
	-----		----------

	suranet		no ip address - terminal server access

	surappp - dynamic allocation (PPP)

	surappp1 (PPP)
	surappp2 (PPP)
	surappp3 (PPP)
	surappp4 (PPP)
	surappp5 (PPP)

	suraslip1 (SLIP)
	suraslip2 (SLIP)
	suraslip3 (SLIP)
	suraslip4 (SLIP)
	suraslip5 (SLIP)

There are 5 dialup lines available (V.32bis/V.42bis):

	(301) 441-3543
	(301) 441-3546
	(301) 220-2498
	(301) 220-2869
	(301) 220-3075

The password for all of these accounts is "4nsfrtm".

[Note: from Reston dial area code and number without dialing '1'. It
is a local call.]

				- roy -



From:    "Daniel B. Dobkin" <dbd at ans.net>

	tel:	(800) 926-7111
	PIN:	0198486
	user:	reg-tech
	pass:	marmalade

To dial the phone, call the 800 number and wait for the tone before entering
the PIN.  Most modems let you do this with a combination of "," and "w"
pause commands:


[Note: I found that from the hotel, I needed 8 commas before the 
PIN code. --Mark]

generally does the trick from any phone.  Occasionally I've run into PBXs
that require another comma or two; home phones usually get away with just a
single "w" instead.

Since we dedicate IP addresses to our users, rather than our modems,
personal accounts are required for SLIP/PPP.  Administration of personal
accounts for SLIP/PPP access is overhead I'm willing to accept --- it's not
that much additional work for me.  Those who want it can drop me a note,
and I'll turn it up for them.


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