Final Agenda & Some Housekeeping

Ken Latta klatta
Mon Jun 7 20:06:09 UTC 1993

NSFNET Regional Techs Meeting Agenda
Sprint International Headquarters
12490 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, Virginia

June 10-11, 1993

Time	Duration

Thursday, June 10, 1993
8:30-9:00	30"
Registration & Continental Breakfast	

9:00-9:15	15"
Mark Knopper, Merit	Opening Remarks

9:15-10:15	60"
Dale Johnson, Merit
Steve Richardson, Merit
Configuration of NSFNET for Aggregation

10:15-10:30	15"		Break

10:30-11:15	45"	Jeff Honig, Cornell	Gated Support of CIDR

11:15-12:00	45"	Dan Jordt, NorthWestNet	NSFNET Solicitation Status

12:00-1:30	90"	Sprint International	Lunch

1:30-2:00	30"	Hans-Werner Braun, SDSC	
NSFNET Network Analysis and Traffic Characterization

2:00-2:45	45"	Peter Ford, Los Alamos National Labs
Proposals for Representing and Sharing Routing Policy Information

2:45-3:00	15"		Break

3:00-3:30	30"	Elise Gerich, Merit	Route Server Deployment

3:30-4:30	60"
Andy Adams, Merit
Enke Chen, Merit
NSFNET Policy Routing Database Implementation Status

6:00-8:30	Location To Be Determined		Social Gathering/Dinner

Friday, June 11, 1993
8:30-9:00	30"		Continental Breakfast

9:00-9:30	30"	Bob Collet	Sprint International Tour

9:30-10:30	60"	
Mark Knopper, Merit
Daniel Karrenberg, RIPE NCC
Scott Williamson, InterNIC/NSI
Registration Issues for IP Aggregates

10:30-10:45	15"		Break

10:45-11:15	30"	Jordan Becker, ANS	ANSNET Backbone Status Report

11:15-11:45	30"
Mark Knopper
Current Status/Problems and Meeting Summary
Directions To Sprint International:

12490 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 22096


Courtyard By Marriott
533 Herndon Parkway, Herndon

Directions (from Court Yard Marriott)

The Marriott Court Yard is on the Herndon Parkway.
Take left onto the Herndon Parkway as you leave the Hotel
Take left onto Monroe Street (lights and a Xerox building on the left)
Take left onto Surise Valley Drive (about 1/2 mile) at lights
Follow Sunrise Valley Drive for about 1 mile.  Sprint Intl
Campus will be on the left.

>From Dulles Airport:

Take Toll Road East, Route 267.
Exit at Fairfax Parkway, turn right onto the Parkway.
At next set of lights (about 1/8th mile)
take right onto Sunrise Valley Drive
Take next right into Sprint International campus.
Follow signs to visitor parking
Meeting will be held in the Headquarters building.
As you drive in the campus it will be on the left

Access to Sprint & Meeting Room:

As of 16:00 Monday 7 June we don't have the details; another message
will follow and information will be at the hotel.

Ken Latta
Pam Ciesla

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