Ciao all - I'm moving on...

Sheri M. Repucci smr
Mon Jun 7 19:30:39 UTC 1993

Just bopping in to say so long to all of you I've come to
know through my 3 1/2 years of work on the NSFNET project. 
Starting this Thursday, June 10th, I'll be concentrating my
efforts on MichNet and will most likely not be visible on
the national scene. 

No doubt you've all heard this before from parting individuals
but....working on the NSFNET project was an exciting experience 
with never a dull moment!!  I've had alot of good times working 
with you folks and I'll definitely miss you, both collectively
and individually.


                                   Sheri Repucci   
                                   Merit/Internet Engineering
                                   (313) 936-2085 (phone)
                                   smr at

P.S. Since MichNet is part of Merits efforts my email address will
     remain the same.

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