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Subject: Internet to DDN NIC T1 Connection Cancellation Schedule

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The attached coordination message(text only) sent out previously
has resulted in much discussion and a better plan for terminating
the T1 link between the DOD NIC and the Internet at the Suranet
facility in College Park, MD.  The revised plan is as follows:

No action will be taken at noon as previously announced.  Instead,
Merit will remove this route from the Internet at Suranet to the
DOD NIC from the routing table updates to be published this
evening.  The physical link will remain active, but traffic is
expected to decline on the link as the routes are refreshed
throughout the Internet and Milnet.  

On Monday, 6/7/93, GSI will request Suranet to deconfigure this
physical link, assuming all goes well.  

On Tuesday, 6/8/93, the leased circuit will be terminated by the
telephone carrier.

This approach will result in a more orderly termination of the

As before, please feel free to call me regarding this action at



Reference: RFC 1400

As per our discussion today, the T1 connection between FIX-East(at
SURANET) and the DDN NIC will be deactivated on noon on Thursday,
6/3/93.  The leased circuit which comprises this connection will
officially be terminated by the phone company 6/8/93.  This
schedule will provide the following benefits:

1.   All parties will know in advance the time and date of the
2.   The change will happen in prime time for most network
     operating centers involved in the change.
3.   Operations staffs will be able to watch for the impact of the
     loss of the link, if any, and will be able to take appropriate
4.   If major problems arise, the link can be restored a relatively
     short amount of time.
5.   If major problems arise, the cancellation of the leased
     circuit comprising the connection can be rescinded, provided
     that GSI is so directed by DISA.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call me
at GSI at 703-802-8402 regarding this network change.


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