* NACR v7.0 & NACR Server *

Steven J. Richardson sjr
Thu Jun 3 15:43:15 UTC 1993

Authorized Routing Administrators:

  During the past months, we've been developing a scalable approach to
the configuration of the NSFNET/ANSnet backbone as part of our continued
effort to provide and maintain accurate routing information and a high
level of service.

  To this end, Merit is pleased to announce

   - a new NACR (version 7.0), and

   - a new service, a NACR server, available via telnetting to merit.edu
     for filling out the new NACR. 

  We need this new NACR and server, and your help in converting to
these, in order to expedite processing of your NACRs through:

  - enhancing validation of information _upon entry_ and aid in correcting
    it at that time,

  - reducing unnecessary mail,

  - providing for automatic 'cc'-ing of appropriate ASs,

  - allowing for parsing of consistent NACRs,

  - and more!

This move is necessary in order to provide you with a reasonable level
of service and to provide Merit with a scalable, less resource-intensive
method of providing the configuration service.

  The new NACR is available via anonymous ftp:


with helpful information in:


*** NOTE:  Merit will *only* accept v7.0 templates after 1 July 1993. ***

  Some of the good points of this service are presented above; because
we expect it to improve the accuracy and turnaround of your NACRs, we
strongly urge you to try out this service, and work with us to improve
it so that you will use it.  (Many thanks to Bill Manning for being our
guinea pig!)

  If you'd like to use this, we need to set you up with an account,
password, etc.; please send email to:

    autonacr at merit.edu

or call:

    Steve Richardson at (313) 747-4813 (voicemail is supported)

  These topics will be discussed at the Regional Techs' Meeting next
week in Washington, D.C.


  Merit Configuration Operations

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