Aussie justice for crackers, FYI

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I bet 80% of the addresses on this very old list are going
to bounce, but never mind...

You may recall you were, in one way or another, involved
in some intrusions from Australia between November 89 and
March (or so) 90 (over 3 years ago).

The first of the criminal cases resulting from that intrusion
has been completed - that of Richard Jones (Electron) who
pleaded guilty (on May 12) to 14 counts, involving intrusions
into systems around the world.

Today he was given a 6 months suspended gaol (jail if
you're illiterate) sentence, and 300 hours of unpaid
community work.   Jones was the one of the three involved
in this lot who spent part of the time between then and now
locked up in a mental hospital.

The other two involved are due for trial later, they're
supposedly going to plead not guilty - Jones is supposedly
going to give evidence against them.   Its hard to see how they
can hope to claim "It wasn't me", so I would presume their
defence will have to be on technical grounds (lack of
jurisdiction, lack of constitutional power, ... who knows).


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