Internet T1 Cutoff

Mark Knopper mak
Tue Jun 1 21:57:31 UTC 1993

FYI, it seems that the connectivity to the host is
dropping back to its previous multiple 56K links rather than
the T1. Note this will not affect connectivity to the InterNIC
hosts or networks.

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> To:      mak at
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> Mark:
> Per a conversation with Scott Williamson (Network Solutions), the
> following is forwarded for your information.  Please forward this
> to all interested parties as is appropriate.
> John Applegate
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Date:     24 May 1993
> To:       Major David Paciorowski
> From:     Jim Van Dyke
> Subj:     Internet T1 Cutoff
> Ref:      Contract #DCA200-91-D-0014
> Dear Major Paciorowski,
> The original scope of the Network Information Center (NIC) tasking
> under this contract included support of both MILNET and Internet
> registrations, routing table maintenance, domain name registration
> and help desk operation.  In order to facilitate access to the NIC
> from the Internet, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has been
> funding a T1 connection between FIX-EAST and the DOD NIC at GSI.
> As of 1 April 1993, the NSF split the Internet portion of NIC
> services into a separate NIC, called the InterNIC.  All DOD network
> support services are now provided by the DOD NIC at GSI, and
> Internet services are provided by the InterNIC at Network
> Solutions' facility in Herndon, VA.  Therefore, support of Internet
> activities was deleted from the contract by DISA at the request of
> the NSF.
> As the last step in the process of splitting the NIC, the NSF has
> terminated the funding for the T1 circuit between FIX-EAST and the
> DOD-NIC effective 1 June 1993.  Therefore, GSI has issued a
> disconnect order for this service, effective 1 June 1993. 
> Internet traffic using this circuit will no longer be able to
> access the DOD-NIC via this connection.  GSI believes that several
> MILNET hosts have also been using this circuit as a "best-path"
> connection to the DOD NIC.  Although there should not be any
> adverse impact, some MILNET customers may experience slowness or
> loss of connectivity to the NIC.  Those MILNET customers who are
> impacted will have to modify their routing tables to support new
> paths to the NIC.
> Please forward this information to other individuals and
> organizations within DISA as is appropriate to ensure that users
> will continue to receive good service.
> Please call me at 703-802-8402 if you have any questions or
> concerns pertaining to this matter.

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