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Enke Chen enke
Wed Jul 28 18:01:59 UTC 1993

Hi, Piet:
I wrote that portion and I should have it clearer. 
Sorry for causing the confusion. Some clarifications
are inserted.

> Date:    Wed, 28 Jul 1993 19:27:57 +0200
> From:    Piet.Beertema at
> To:      "Mark Knopper" <mak at>
> CC:      regional-techs at

>     (1) Class C Block Submission:
>     It is allowed to submit a block of consecutive Class C addresses 
>     in a NACR.
> What about Class B blocks, unlikely though such
> an event may be?

This feature is not very useful for Class B as very few 
sites own blocks of Class B. It is not allowed to avoid
confusion and to make it easier to detect typos.
>     netnum:         198.4.65 - 198.4.79
> What would be allowed and not allowed here?
> For example:
>   netnum: -
> should be perfectly valid, given that trailing
> zero part may be stripped off. But are:
>   netnum:         198.4.65-198.4.79
>   netnum:
> valid too

All of the above are allowed. The rule is that: 

	o The "firstip" and "lastip" should be separated by 
     	  a "-" (plus zero or more white spaces). 
	o The trailing 0 (last octet) for the "firstip" or 
	  "lastip" are optional.
	o Also, the first two octets of "firstip" and "lastip"
	  have to be identical.

> Also note that your example is a trivial one.
> I assume/hope you can cope with "overflows":
>   netnum:         198.4.90-198.5.10
> too?

Yes, such NACR's will be rejected by the parser.

> 	Piet

-- Enke Chen 

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