NACR version 7.0

Mark Knopper mak
Wed Jul 28 17:06:11 UTC 1993

Dear Regional Techs: 

We are pleased to announce that the transition from older NACR 
versions to the new NACR 7.0 has been smooth and successful. 
We would like to thank you for your excellent cooperation in
this continued improvement of the NSFNET configuration process.

Please let us know if there are any problems with the new template 
or the configuration process. Send mail to autonacr at

This message contains a couple of announcements/clarifications
about the new NACR.

(1) Class C Block Submission:

It is allowed to submit a block of consecutive Class C addresses 
in a NACR. For example, 

%begin nsfnet nacr v7.0

netnum:         198.4.65 - 198.4.79
netname:        ICM-2
orgname:        Intellicom
orgaddr:        30 South First Ave.
orgcity:        Highland Park
orgstate:       NJ
orgzip:         08904
orgcc:          US
orgtype:        C
bbone:          T3
homeas:         701
aslist:         1:701 2:702
aup:            N
action:         A
%end nsfnet nacr

In this example, the ip numbers to be configured are from 198.4.65 to
198.4.79, and their names are from "ICM-2" to "ICM-16". The values 
for the other fields are identical.

Please note that the "netname" field should be filled with the network
name of the first ip address of the block (e.g., 198.4.65 in the above 
example). Also, in order to use this feature of the NACR, network names, 
as registered with the InterNIC, need to consist of a "common-prefix" 
and "consecutive-number" (e.g., "ICM-" and "2"), and values for the  
other fields must be ***identical***. Otherwise, each ip number should 
be submitted separately as usual. 

(2) CC Related AS's:

The majority of the regional techs have been consistent in doing so and 
we really appreciate that. However, to a few requestors who have not 
constantly followed this rule, we ask you: please copy all related AS's 
when you submit a NACR to help expedite its processing. Your cooperation 
is really important and necessary for us to maintain the service quality 
as we are faced with the ever-increasing number of configuration requests.

Related AS's are automatically cc'd when you use the autonacr program on  If you haven't signed up to use the program yet, or would  
like to test it, please send a note to autonacr at or call Steve 
Richardson at 313-747-4813.

(3) Older Versions of NACR:

To a couple of requestors that are still using older versions: NACR 
Version 7.0 is required and please do not use older versions. The  
new NACR template and instruction are available from 

(4) "Comment" field in NACR:

The "comment" field in a NACR is parsed and goes into our track system.
If the comment fields extend to multiple lines, please put "comment:" at 
the beginning of each comment line.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Merit Internet Engineering Group

ps. As always, if you'd like to discuss general issues or problems
with the NSFNET service, contact me directly or send mail to the
list nsfnet at which is read by several Merit managers.
	(313) 763-6061

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