GIX, Naps and Route Server mail list

Sheri M. Repucci smr
Mon Jan 25 20:15:39 UTC 1993

Greetings all-
As requested last Thursday at the Regional Techs meeting,
I have created the mail list gnrs at for the purpose 
of continuing the discussion on gix, naps, and route servers.  
It consists of all those currently on the nsf-regional-tech
list as well as the representatives we had at the meeting
from US West, Sprint, Wellfleet, 3com, Proteon, CNRI and NIST.     

Please send mail to gnrs-request at for additions and/or 
subtractions from gnrs at 

                                     Sheri Repucci  
                                     Merit/Internet Engineering
                                     (313) 936-2085 (phone)
                                     (313) 747-3745 (fax)

P.S. There was a black Iowa State University folder left behind at 
     the me if you'd like it back.

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