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Sheri M. Repucci smr
Mon Jan 18 23:58:26 UTC 1993

Winter Park Ski Resort and area general info 
No night skiing...lifts open at 9am and close at 3:30pm.

The free bus ride has been cancelled.  However, we currently have two 
volunteers to load up their cars with winter wonderland enthusiasts. 
Donations for gas will be accepted!  :-)

Gart Brothers (sports store) in Denver has a bus service to Winter Park, 
$15/person round trip.  Leaving from Lakeside Mall and Sheridan Blvd.  
Gart Brothers is a 1/2 hour drive from Boulder, by the way.

Down Hill Skiing

Lift tickets:
  $36 (at the resort):  full day, all lifts
	$30 (flatland price): full day, all lifts
  $24 (at the resort):  1/2 day (9am-noon or noon-3:30), all lifts
  $15 (at the resort):  full day, mini mountain (4 lifts - medium skill)
  $3  (at the resort):  full day, beginner (1 lift)
  (flatland costs of the other ski lift tickets still unknown to me) 

  Where to purchase flatland tickets:
	  Gart Brothers, Christie Sports -> sports stores
 	  Vickers -> gas station chain
 	  Safeway -> grocery store chain
Ski Rentals
Downhill skiis, boots, poles: $14/day at Winter Park
Sports stores in the town of Winter Park: $11/day

Cross Country Skiing

Where to
	Groomed trails - all supposedly very good!
		Idlewild (closed to Winter Park)
  	Devils Thumb
		Snow Mountain Ranch

	National Forest - free 

Fees, rental and use
Idlewild & Devils Thumb
	all day, rental and use of trail: $15
  all day, use of trail only: $9
	half day, use of trail only: $6
Snow Mountain Ranch 
	all day, rental and use of trail: $12
  all day, use of trail only: $7
  no half day packages

Flanegans Sports Shop in Boulder will rent skiis under $10/day.

Other activities at the Winter Park Ski Area

Snow Cat Tour: $17/person.
	This takes folks on a tour of the entire mountain area including
  both the ski areas and some of the restricted areas.  The Snow Cat
  is apparently an enclosed (and thus warm) way for a maximum of
  12 human beings to see the mountains.  You are welcome to bring 
  your own refreshments along.  This tour is 2 hours long, with 3 
  short stops along the way.  Tours leave at 10am, noon, and 2pm.  
Sun Spot Lodge Restaurant
	The "at the top of the mountain" restaurant.  Good food, great
  view, and high prices...the "in" place to be I'm told.  :-)
  Can only be reached by lift at $4/person.

Ice skating
	Skate rental is $2/hour.  No entrance charge for the rink itself.
Tubing hill 
	Actually located in Fraser City, about 2 miles from Winter Park.
	$8/hour for the rental of a tub and use of the runs.
	Seems there is night tubing!

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