Final agenda for the Merit/NSFNET Regional Techs Meeting

Sheri M. Repucci smr
Thu Jan 14 05:54:00 UTC 1993

Here is the final agenda (okay, it may not be the absolute final
one but you won't see another one until you arrive in Boulder). :-)

Also, I've included a recommended reading list to help prepare
for the discussions we will be having.

                                     Enjoy!  Sheri Repucci
                                             (313) 936-2085

AGENDA - Merit/NSFNET Regional Techs Meeting

Thursday January 21, 1993
8:30-9:00    Registration & Continental breakfast 

9:00-9:15    Opening remarks (Sheri Repucci/Merit)

9:15-10:45   GIX, NAPS, Route Servers (Elise Gerich/Merit) 

10:45-11:00  short break

11:00-12:30  Transition to "Next Generation NSFNET" (Dan Jordt/NorthWestNet)

12:30-1:30   Lunch 

1:30-3:00    Implementation of CIDR (Vince Fuller/BARRNET)

3:00-3:15    short break

3:15-4:45    Address Allocation Strategies with CIDR (Dan Long/NEARNET)

6:00-8:30    Social gathering at the Red Lion Restaurant (in the mountains)

9:00-?       Sleigh ride through ghost towns and mining camps

Friday January 22, 1992
8:30-9:00    Continental Breakfast

9:00-9:30    US West tour

9:30-10:30   Virtual Routes (Bilal Chinoy/SDSC)

10:30-12:00  Current Status/Problems (Mark Knopper/Merit)

12:00-1:00   Lunch

1:30-3:30    NCAR tour


Reading list suggestions:

   rfc1338.txt        Jun 92    (Fuller)     
      Supernetting:  an Address Assignment and Aggregation Strategy

  rfc1366.txt         Oct 92    (Gerich)     
      Guidelines for Management of IP Address Space

  draft-rekhter-ipaddress-guide-06.txt INTERNET DRAFT	 Y. Rekhter, T. Li
       Guidelines for IP Address Allocation

  Jan 1992 ACM CCR,  B. Chinoy and Y. Rekhter 
      Injecting Inter-Autonomous routes into intra-autonomous 
      system routing.

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