Fun & Games *after* the Regional Techs Meeting

Jeffrey C Honig jch at
Thu Jan 14 05:19:51 UTC 1993

When I was in Boulder two years ago for the IETF we skiied at Loveland
and Keystone which are 65 and 75.  Loveland was supposedly a local
hangout that was considered too "small" for tourists.  Keystone is
linked via lifts to three other areas.  I considered both excellent
compared with the skiing I've done in Upstate NY.  The map shows that
Vail is only another 20 miles.

But don't forget your oxygen bottles.  These areas are on either side
of the Continental Divide and the parital pressure of oxygen at 12,000
feet is alot less then most of us lowlanders are accustomed to.

Another activity to consider on Friday night is the microbrewery
downtonw.  But maybe not too much before a day of skiing.


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