Fun & Games *after* the Regional Techs Meeting

Alisa Hata hata at
Wed Jan 13 07:00:36 UTC 1993

For what it's worth, *this* Colorado native thinks Winter Park is one of
the best ski areas in the state.  Although it's not the closest area to
Boulder, I think it's worth the trip.  (But I may not be all that
unbiased; my ski vacations for the last two years have been spent at
Winter Park!)

Alisa Hata
Network Operations Center
University of Washington/NWNet

On Wed, 13 Jan 1993, Sheri M. Repucci wrote:

> By the way, I have no idea if Winter Park is a good
> place to ski or contact there claims it's the
> best place near Boulder...but I suspect his view is
> somewhat prejudiced by the fact that he is employeed
> by the unbiased advise is welcome.  

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