NSR postmortem

John Labbe jlabbe at noc.ans.net
Thu Feb 18 16:10:07 UTC 1993

On February 16 from 16:10-18:30 EST Sesquinet lost commercial 
power and went to UPS backup power. While AS 1700 experienced 
some instability for a short period the ENSS and it's other 
associated peering sessions remained up during this period. 

The following NSR was sent in error. 
>From network-status-reports-owner Tue Feb 16 19:05:51 1993
>To: nsr
>Subject: 02/16/93 ENSS 139  Houston Unreachable 16:10 - 18:30 EST
>02/16/93 ENSS 139  Houston Unreachable 16:10 - 18:30 EST
> due to loss of power at the local site.

We apologize for the inaccurate report and we are reviewing our
decision matrix for sending NSRs.

				John Labbe 
				Manager ANS NOC

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