NSFNET policy-based routing database reports

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Thu Dec 23 21:13:35 UTC 1993

If you all are like me, you often don't read until the end of
the report that is sent to nwg after each configuration window.
If you have never scanned the whole report you may have missed
the following notice:

UPCOMING REPORT CHANGES:                                 (Updated 12/9/93)

CIDRIZATION:  On January 4, we will convert all Policy Routing DataBase
(PRDB) output to CIDR notation.  All occurrences of network numbers ("x.x.x") 
on output will be replaced by aggregate notation ("x.x.x/len").  If you 
are currently using ans_core.now, country.now, or net-comp.now, you can 
find the new versions of these reports now in the files ans_core.cidr, 
country.cidr, and net-comp.cidr in the nic.merit.edu:nsfnet/announced.networks 
directory.  On January 4 these new formats will replace the existing "*.now" 
files, and the current format files will be moved to "*.old" files for one 
month.  The report you are reading now ("nwg" report) and all "whois -h
prdb.merit.edu" output will be converted to use aggregate notation on 
January 4 as well.  "nets.unl.now" and "nets.tag.now" will not change,
because they all ready include prefix length information.

NWG:  MORE DETAIL ON DELETED NETWORKS.  The report you are reading now 
("nwg" report) will also be modified some time in the future to explicitly
list which networks have been *deleted* from the PRDB, as well as those
that have been added.  The syntax has not yet been determined, but we'd
like to make sure that it is easy to visually distinguish added networks 
from deleted ones.
NWG:  SORTING LONG FORMAT BY COUNTRY:  There has been a suggestion to sort 
the long form of the network listing in this report by country, instead of
simply alphabetically by organization to make it easier to scan for
networks in your own area.  We will do this if there are no objections.  

The archived discussion list "db-disc at merit.edu" exists for discussion of 
PRDB issues.  Send a message to "db-disc-request at merit.edu" to subscribe.
                                                --Dale Johnson (dsj at merit.edu)

Hope you all have a peaceful and fun holiday season!

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