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Fri Dec 17 21:51:51 UTC 1993

On Dec 5, Merit sent a survey to the ASs that peer with the
NSFNET/ANSnet asking a lot of questions about BGP4. (The
survey is appended to the end of this message.)

Of the 28 organizations that we hoped would respond, 15 did. Of the
15, 9 point default at the NSFNET/ANSnet. Of the 6 which don't
point default, 4 will have BGP4 by January '94. All 15 responded
that they did NOT want proxy aggregation done by the NSFNET/

Since we haven't asked folks if we could publish info about
their networks, all respondents remain anonymous :-)

Date: Sun, 5 Dec 93 14:04:51 EST
From: epg at
To: regional-techs at

During early January, we are planning on deploying new router software on
NSFNET/ANSnet based upon Gated.  This software will support the BGP4 protocol
and will interoperate with the older rcp_routed software.  We currently expect
this software to be fully deployed by mid-January, and this will make the
NSFNET/ANSnet capable of supporting CIDR routing.  Once NSFNET/ANSnet starts
accepting CIDR aggregates, any networks that peer with NSFNET/ANSnet will
need to either accept CIDR aggregates (via BGP4 on their routers) or default
to NSFNET/ANSnet.  The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify any problems
with these options, and help plan for a smooth transition.

Will a representative of each routing peer please complete the
following questionnaire and return it to ie at before December 10.
Thank you for your cooperation.
1. Name of Your Network:

2. The AS number(s) of your Network:

3. Routing information currently imported from NSFNET/ANSnet:

	a) default only (y/n)
	b) default + specific routes (y/n)
	c) explicit routes only - no default (y/n)

4. If you import explicit routes from NSFNET/ANSnet, is it a requirement
   for your routing design (y/n)?

5. When NSFNET/ANSnet becomes CIDR capable, do you expect to be able to
   peer via BGP4 and accept CIDR aggregates? (y/n)

   if yes:
	a) What kind of router do you plan to use?
        b) What software release will you use?
	c) When do you plan to advertise aggregates to NSFNET/ANSnet? (qt/yr)
   if no:
	a) Can you generate or accept a default route that points to
	   NSFNET/ANSnet? (y/n) 
        b) When do you expect to peer with the NSFNET/ANSnet via
           BGP4? (qt/yr or never)

6. If you can not generate or accept a default route that points
   to NSFNET/ANSnet, can you suggest an alternate routing plan?

7. Do you expect NSFNET/ANSnet to do proxy aggregation for any explicit
   routes that you announce?

8. Do you still expect to use EGP protocol to peer with NSFNET/ANSnet? (y/n)

   if yes:
	a) Do you have plans to migrate to BGP? (y/n)
	b) When do you expect to migrate to BGP? (qt/yr)
        c) Which version of BGP will you deploy? (2,3,4)

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