Terminal server (NAS) experiences?

Allen Robel allen at stone.ucs.indiana.edu
Sun Dec 12 05:42:46 UTC 1993

On Fri, 10 Dec 1993, Paul Holbrook wrote:

> We've come down to considering the Livingston Portmaster, the Xyplex
> MX-1600, and to a lesser extent, the Cisco CS-500 series.  Right now we're
> I'm particularly interested in learning more about the Xyplex.  I know a 
> number of folks who are using the Livingston, but I know less about the 
> Xyplex.


Don't know about the MX-1600, but we've been offering PPP service to our
students/faculty/staff using the Xyplex Terminal Server 720 housed in
their Network 9000 hubs (using US Robitics Total Control WAN hubs stuffed
with v.32bis modems) for about two months and have been very pleased with
this combination thus far.


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