Phase 5 Status

Ittai Hershman ittai at
Sat Dec 11 17:18:57 UTC 1993

This morning, we successfully completed the fifth of the six steps
that comprise the Phase 5 ANSNet deployment.  Just one more step left!
We now have 13 backbone links and 16 customer attachments running at
full T3:
	Seattle - Denver Backbone Link
	Seattle - San Francisco Backbone Link
	San Francisco - Chicago Backbone Link
	San Francisco - Los Angeles Backbone Link
	Los-Angeles - Albuquerque Backbone Link
	Albuquerque - Houston Backbone Link
     	Houston - Atlanta Backbone Link
     	Atlanta - Greensboro Backbone Link
     	Houston - St. Louis Backbone Link
     *	Denver - St. Louis Backbone Link
     	St. Louis - Chicago Backbone Link
     *	Chicago - Cleveland Backbone Link
     *	Cleveland - New York Backbone Link
	ENSS128 at Palo Alto (BARRnet, Stanford University)
     	ENSS129 at Champaign (UIUC, CICnet)
	ENSS130 at Argonne (Argonne National Lab, CICNet) 
     *	ENSS131 at Ann Arbor (ANS AA, Michnet, CICnet, etc.)
     *	ENSS132 at Pittsburgh (PSCnet, PREPnet, CMU, etc.).
	ENSS135 at San Diego (CERFnet, SDSC, etc.)
     *	ENSS137 at Princeton (Princeton University, JVNCnet)
     	ENSS138 at Atlanta (Georgia Tech, SURAnet)
	ENSS139 at Houston (Sesquinet, Rice University)
     	ENSS140 at Lincoln (MIDnet, Westnet, etc.)
	ENSS141 at Boulder (Westnet, NCAR, U of Colorado, etc.)
	ENSS142 at Salt Lake City (WestNet, U of Utah, etc.)
	ENSS143 at Seattle (NorthWestNet, U of Washington, etc.)
	ENSS144 at Moffett Field (FIX-West)
	ENSS172 at Albuquerque (Phillips Laboratory)
	ENSS179 at Albuquerque (Sandia National Labs)

The final step of the deployment is scheduled for December 18th:

6    12/18/93  E133  Hartford   Ithaca ENSS and Hartford POP 
               E134  Hartford   Boston ENSS and Hartford POP 
               E136  Wash D.C.  College Park ENSS and Wash D.C. POP 
               E145  Wash D.C.  FIX-East ENSS and Wash D.C. POP 
               E146  Wash D.C.  DARPA ENSS and Wash D.C. POP 
               ----  Cleveland  2nd visit for Cleveland-Hartford link upgrade 
               ----  Greensboro 2nd visit for Greensboro-D.C. link upgrade 
               ----  New York   2nd visit for NY-Hartford link upgrade 
                                  and for NY-D.C. link upgrade 

We will be staggering the Hartford/Ithaca/Boston and DC/College Park
upgrades to minimize network outages for those with dual connectivity.


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