Terminal server (NAS) experiences?

Allen Cole cole at u.cc.utah.edu
Fri Dec 10 19:19:16 UTC 1993

We have been happy with cisco.  We tried Xyplex and a couple of others.  I
recommend that you get the terminal servers in house and try them out
before you make any decision.  There are many things that don't show up on
a spec sheet.  We have found that alot depends on exactly what you are
doing.  We would have put up with some of the Xyplex strangeness to get
the 8 wire async lines if we were attaching alot of serial devices.  It
has been so long since we did the evaluations my comments are pretty
general and probably don't apply to current products.

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On Fri, 10 Dec 1993, Paul Holbrook wrote:

> We're trying to agree on a Network Access Server (NAS, what we all used to
> call terminal servers) for our NSF-sponsored Rural Datafication Project,
> which involves working in parnership with state nets in our region to
> expand dialup infrastructure in CICNet region of the country.  We'd like
> to get some feedback from folks in other regions. 
> We've come down to considering the Livingston Portmaster, the Xyplex
> MX-1600, and to a lesser extent, the Cisco CS-500 series.  Right now we're
> not considering any other vendors; we're trying to stay with gear that
> people in the state nets involved in the project have used. 
> The Cisco CS-500 series doesn't match up in terms of hardware and 
> software features, but we've left it on the list because of the installed 
> base.  We'll drop it from the list unless we can find out what Cisco's 
> plans are in that area.
> The Xyplex and the Livingston seem pretty close in terms of features on 
> paper.  
> If anyone is using either of these, can you give us any comments?  How 
> have they worked in day-to-day use?  How responsive is the vendor?  Do 
> the features work as advertised?  Would you buy them again?
> I'm not looking for anything formal or in-depth here; if you'd like to 
> respond privately to me, I can keep your responses private and off the 
> list if you'd like.  Also, please restrict your comments to the vendors 
> listed above.  There are certainly other vendors out there, but we're 
> trying to avoid a full-blown evaluation of all possible products.
> I'm particularly interested in learning more about the Xyplex.  I know a 
> number of folks who are using the Livingston, but I know less about the 
> Xyplex.
> Also, if anyone has seen anything in the trade literature about either of 
> these product lines, I'd appreciate any references you can give us.
> J. Paul Holbrook
> CICNet Network Services Manager
> holbrook at cic.net    (313) 998-7680

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