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Sat Dec 4 01:33:22 UTC 1993

Congratulations Elise!

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On Fri, 3 Dec 1993, Jim Williams wrote:

> About two years ago, Merit called upon Mark Knopper to accept the
> position of manager of the Internet Engineering Group and to oversee
> the transition from the T1 NSFNET to the T3 NSFNET.  Mark stepped up
> to the challenge and guided the NSFNET through that difficult
> transition.  His technical expertise and management skills have proven
> valuable not just in the context of the NSFNET but to the global
> Internet community. It should not come as a great surprise that many
> organizations and companies have been courting Mark, and one of them
> has finally offered him a project that sounds interesting enough to
> intice him to move on.  Mark will be leaving Merit as of January 1,
> 1994 for new and exciting challenges at Ameritech.  He will be opening
> an office in Ann Arbor and will be part of the the Advanced Data
> Services group.  He has also promised all Merit staff better phone
> service and IP to every home in the service area :=)
> Effective today, Elise Gerich will take the lead as Manager of the
> Internet Engineering Group.  As most of you know, Elise has been
> instrumental in the management and operation of the NSFNET since its
> inception.  Elise is looking forward to helping the regional-techs
> group evolve to a broader operational forum and to working with the
> regionals to transition from the current NSFNET architecture to the
> future architecture.  
> jim

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