08/19/93 ANS NOC Test Scenario 15:30-20:30 EDT

ANS Network Operations Center noc at noc.ans.net
Mon Aug 16 22:32:02 UTC 1993

08/19/93 ANS NOC Test Scenario 15:30-20:30 EDT

ANS has been refining the emergency procedures to be followed in the
event of loss or partial loss of the Ann Arbor NOC facility.  Procedures
are defined for several scenarios, one of which we will test this
Thursday, August 19 from 15:30 to 20:30 EDT.

  Test Scenario
  Situation requiring building evacuation, but not operational shutdown
  of our monitoring systems or loss of connectivity. 


    Elmsford engineering staff will remotely take over operation of the
    NOC.  Our telephones will be forwarded to Elmsford engineering, who
    will provide NOC functions using the Ann Arbor systems remotely.  Ann
    Arbor engineering and managerial staff will be available via offsite
    telephone and pagers to assist if necessary.  Ann Arbor engineering
    staff are also capable of using dialup data connections from other
    locations, e.g., their homes, while simultaneously communicating
    with Elmsford by telephone.

TEST SCHEDULED:  August 19 15:30 - 20:30 EDT
- --------------------------------------------

    On Thursday Aug 19 from 15:30 - 20:30 EDT, ANS will conduct a "fire
    drill" test of Ann Arbor emergency procedures for the scenario
    described above while the NOC staff attends an off-site meeting.
    The Ann Arbor Network Operations Center will be evacuated of all ANS
    staff.  The NOC telephones will be forwarded to Elmsford, where
    Elmsford staff will conduct Network Operations.  The Ann Arbor
    engineering and managerial staff will be reachable by cellular
    phone and pagers in the event of difficulty with our emergency

    In the event of difficulty with the emergency procedures test, the
    Ann Arbor staff will resume operations in the NOC within
    10 minutes.  Subsequently, ANS will examine the results of the test
    and further refine emergency procedures as appropriate.

    Service degradation encountered during a NOC emergency is
    not acceptable to ANS.  Please inform us of any service
    degradation caused by this test.  While this is only a test, we wish
    to be as prepared as possible to offer complete NOC services and
    transparent changes to all of our customers in the event of a real
    emergency.  In the event of an actual emergency, experience
    from this test will prove invaluable.

Thank you for your cooperation.
--Deborah J. Boyer
  ANS Network Operations

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