Next Regional Techs Meeting

Ken Latta klatta
Mon Aug 16 21:08:55 UTC 1993

Once again proving the need to have meetings in "virtual reality"
we've narrowed down the possible date of the next meeting to
4-5th October.

Pam Ciesla has blocked out 20 rooms in Ann Arbor at the Holiday
Inn (Plymouth Road and US 23).
Room Details:
Holiday Inn (Plymouth Rd & US 23),
 3600 Plymouth Rd #(313)769-9800.  When requesting rooms ask
 for Regional Techs Meeting. Room cost for Oct 2 is $75.00 per
 night and Oct 3 & 4 are $59.00 per night.  The release date on the
 rooms is Sept. 17.  Please advise that rooms be booked ASAP, Oct 2nd
 is a home football game.  I have the Chrysler Auditorium held for
 Oct 4 & 5 and I have requested video equipment for these days. 

And don't forget to send us the topics you'd like discussed. We're trying
to reserve a large room with rubber walls for the next Tuba vs. IPng debate.

Ken Latta
Merit Network, Inc.
NSFNET Project: Internet Engineering Group
klatta at 313-926-2115 313-747-3745 fax

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