Regional Techs meeting in September?

Ken Latta klatta
Wed Aug 11 22:56:09 UTC 1993

Hi, we're trying to nail down a date towards the end of Sept;
are there known bad dates? Also is there a preference out there
for end-of-the-week or beginning-of-the-week meetings in order to
get the "stay over Saturday" discounts?
Thanks for bringing this up Vince, we're all slightly distracted
at the moment (for about the next week)....

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> From:    Vince Fuller <vaf at Valinor.Stanford.EDU>
> To:      mak at
> CC:      regional-techs at

> Mark,
>   During the IETF in July, you mentioned that you were planning to hold an
> NSFNET Regional Techs meeting in September. Do you have any details about the
> schedulding (or cancellation) of this meeting? For those who have to travel a
> long way or whose schedules tend to fill up far in advance, it would be helpful
> be able to start planning for a Regional Techs meeting as soon as possible.
> 	Thanks,
> 	--Vince

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