T3 Network AIX 3.2 Software Upgrade

Jordan Becker becker at ans.net
Thu Apr 29 03:35:33 UTC 1993

AIX 3.2 Migration Plan Status
     The IBM AIX 3.2 software upgrade for the T3 backbone network
was originally scheduled to be begin in early April 2nd and has been
delayed due to a few software problems.  The problems have been
identified and addressed, and we expect to begin deployment of this
new software on Friday evening April 30th at 23:00 EST on all
ENSS/CNSS nodes (in Washington D.C only).

     The remaining deployment of the AIX 3.2 software on IBM
nodes is scheduled to proceed as originally sequenced on Friday
evenings over the following 4 week schedule:

Phase 1 (April 30)   - Washington D.C. 
Phase 2 (May 7th)    - Seattle/Denver, San Francisco/Los Angeles
Phase 3 (May 14th)   - Greensboro/Atlanta, Houston/St. Louis
Phase 4 (May 21st)   - Hartford/New York City, Cleveland/Chicago

     A revised postscript file illustrating the phased deployment at
each POP CNSS and adjacent ENSS is located on ftp.ans.net in
     The ANS NOC will be in contact with each affected site prior to
any maintenance to coordinate this deployment.

		Jordan Becker
		becker at ans.net

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