Additions to the NSFNET policy-based routing database

Steven K. Widmayer skw
Wed Apr 14 03:41:22 UTC 1993

Apologies to you and others who were recently affected by the change 
in reports.  In the future, at minimum we will give at least one 
week's notice and provide the details for any report changes.  
  --Steve Widmayer / Merit

 >To: "Steven K. Widmayer" <skw at>
 >Cc: nwg at
 >Subject: Re: Additions to the NSFNET policy-based routing database 
 >Date: Tue, 13 Apr 93 08:31:19 -0400
 >From: "Thomas A. Easterday (+1 313 998 6285)" <tom at>
 >>Note:  With today's update, we are changing the report 
 >>back to its original format, due to popular demand.  In the future, 
 >>we will include a note (like this) at the top of the nwg message if
 >>reports ever change.  Reports are available on by 08:00 EDT 
 >>on routing configuration update days.
 >	You have got to be kidding!  I spent half a day fixing
 >	my scripts to read the new format and now you are
 >	changing it back?  
 >	Pained groan.....................
 >		Tom (notice, no smily's)

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