ANS to CIX Interconnection

Milo S. Medin (NASA ARC NSI Office) medin at
Wed Sep 30 21:35:47 UTC 1992

Mark, the issue as I see it is that the current plan for implementing
CIX connectivity is a change from the previous policy, and that you are
now shifting responsibility for ensuring this filtering from your routers
to the regionals, which for the regional, may involve significant 
administrative load, and which is the organization best capable of dealing
with that administrative load. 

Further, there is also the issue that this plan does not appear to have been
developed in a cooperative fashion with the regionals and other peers networks
as a whole, as past shifts of functionality and responsibility between
the backbone and regionals were done.

I think there is not uniform consensus that the approach described is the
best way of accomplishing the end goal, which also hasn't been described
in a very explicit way, and is complicated by goals that NSF has and 
potentially other goals that ANS itself has.  I'm not saying there is a conflict
here, just that the precise goals and objectives do not appear to be well
understood by all parties involved.  This of course leads to confusion, which
in turn will impede progress on any approach selected.  It's hard to judge 
when you've got a good design if you don't understand what the requirements
for the design are!

Please feel free to correct me if I'm off base here.  This is just my 
perception at this point, and I'm really not trying to throw stones, just
trying to make sure evryone is working together on getting the job done


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