ANS to CIX Interconnection

Piet.Beertema at Piet.Beertema at
Wed Sep 30 08:20:47 UTC 1992

    	One of the new networks originates in the former Soviet Union,
    and traffic between US Government sponsored networks and the former
    Soviet Union is prohibited at this time.  Therefore accordingly, the
    ANSNET will not re-distribute or announce any routes to this network.
Announcing a route to a particular network is nothing more
than saying "hey, look, you can reach this network via me".
If the party receiving the announcement is not willing or
allowed to communicate with that network, it can filter out
the announcement; and it might even make a deal with the
announcer to filter out the announcement. But that's quite
something else than the presented general "we won't announce
this network" approach.


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