ANS to CIX Interconnection

mak mak
Tue Sep 29 19:22:37 UTC 1992

To:   Regional, Midlevel and Federal Network Operators
From: Mark Knopper
      Merit/NSFNET Internet Engineering

Subject: ANS to CIX Interconnection Plan

Hi. Enclosed is a note from ANS describing their plan for the CIX
to ANS network interconnection. Please let me know if you have 
questions or comments.

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To: Mark Knopper <mak at>
From: Jordan Becker <becker at>

Subject: ANS-CIX Interconnection Plan

  Here is a description of the routing and configuration plan for
the CIX to ANS connection. Please forward this to regionals,
midlevels, etc. as appropriate.


	During an upcoming T3 network router configuration update
window, there will be about 94 new networks configured in the policy
routing database to support the interconnection between ANS CO+RE and
the CIX.  A new ANSNET router, ENSS187 has been connected via a T1 link
to the CIX router.  This new ENSS (AS1957) peers via BGP with the CIX
router (AS1280).

	-------       T1        ------------     |     --------|
       | cix   |----------------| enss187  |-----|     |       |
       | ags+  |                |          |     |-----| Cnss11|
	-------                 ------------     |     |       |
                                                 |     |--------

         1280	    BGP		   1957	      BGP	 690

	There will be initially 987 networks announced to the T3
system via the CIX (AS1280).  Most of these networks have previously
been configured in the policy routing database and are already
announced to the NSFNET backbone service at other T3 ENSS nodes.
About 94 of these networks are not already announced to the T3 system
via other ENSS nodes and will be announced via AS1280 for the first
time.  All CIX networks announced via AS1280 will be considered as ANS
CO+RE services (commercial restriction free).  An ASCII text file
listing of all ANS CO+RE announced network numbers, network names, AS
numbers and available service provider information is maintained by
ANS and may be retrieved via anonymous ftp from FTP.ANS.NET as
/pub/info/co+re/core.nets or NIS.NSF.NET as /nsfnet/core.nets.
Updates to this file will be made a few days prior to any
configuration updates for the T3 backbone that involve the CIX

	One of the new networks originates in the former Soviet Union,
and traffic between US Government sponsored networks and the former
Soviet Union is prohibited at this time.  Therefore accordingly, the
ANSNET will not re-distribute or announce any routes to this network.

	Note that the 94 new networks will potentially be generating
traffic which does not comply with the NSFNET Acceptable Use Policy.
The new network numbers will be announced by the ANSNET to the peer
networks that are both ANS CO+RE and CIX members. Those regionals or
midlevels who are using default routing to point their traffic to the
NSFNET backbone may wish to explicitly prohibit traffic between their
users and these new networks if their internal policies require it.
This may be done by either internal means (eg.  informing users), or
by filtering in routers operated by the midlevel network.  Regionals
may contact Merit to discuss other options for blocking this traffic
if required.

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