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Craig A. Haney craig at
Wed Sep 2 20:29:09 UTC 1992

	> About this time last year I was using the Lantronix and Hughes/CMC
	> terminal Server. The Lantronix was advertised as able to do many
	> different type of connectivity, but I didn't like the support and
	> the performance and quality were not as good as the Hughes.
	> I had good field support and ROM upgrades.
	> The software which came with the Lantronix was buggy. Then
	> again it was trying to run on an AT&T 3B2 600G (oh my!).
	> craig at
	> 703 904 2084

	How much does the Hughes go for?  BTW, the Lantronix has improved quite
	a bit since last year (I looked at them too then also).  The only problem
	I have seen so far is that they have a 2 byte (yes, 2 byte) serial line buffer
	which can easily be overrun if you have dumb (aka, no flow control) serial

I remember the GSA price for the Navy was something like $1000 - $1300.
The original reason for the terminal server was to do network 
printing from an AT&T 3B2 600 System V.3.2 on 10Base-T.
I wrote some code to integrate with the System V print spooler
called 'netlp' to print to a RAW TCP socket on the terminal server.
The results were very good. The serial port on the Laser could
be throttled as wide as the terminal server could handle.
Now the Navy Medical data services center can print
anywhere over IP on their network.

craig at

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