Remote Gear Support ..

Tom Easterday tom at
Wed Sep 2 19:00:41 UTC 1992

> About this time last year I was using the Lantronix and Hughes/CMC
> terminal Server. The Lantronix was advertised as able to do many
> different type of connectivity, but I didn't like the support and
> the performance and quality were not as good as the Hughes.
> I had good field support and ROM upgrades.
> The software which came with the Lantronix was buggy. Then
> again it was trying to run on an AT&T 3B2 600G (oh my!).
> craig at
> 703 904 2084

How much does the Hughes go for?  BTW, the Lantronix has improved quite
a bit since last year (I looked at them too then also).  The only problem
I have seen so far is that they have a 2 byte (yes, 2 byte) serial line buffer
which can easily be overrun if you have dumb (aka, no flow control) serial

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