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Wed Sep 2 18:09:22 UTC 1992

At  2 Sep 12:28 CDT, Jeff Wabik wrote:
>I've been poking around (thru the Black Box catalog, for example) for
>equipment to help us support our remote network gear located near the
>NSS to which we attach.  I've had little success at finding the
>right pieces.  I'm wondering if any of you have implemented any of
>these (listed below) solutions, and if so, where you found the 
>equipment to do it; then subsequent sucess/failure information.
>Not in any particular order, here are the functions I'd like to be able
>to perform remotely..  This is a "grandiose wish list", as it were.
>	* Software switchable dial-up access to serial ports
>	  on all gear (several ports):
>                                          To Device 1
>                                       +------------->
>                                       |+------------>
>                                       || To Device 2
>   Phone line    +-------+   +---------+++    .
>-----------------| Modem |---| Magic Box |    .
>                 +-------+   +-----------+    .
>                                       || To Device (n-1)
>                                       |+------------>
>                                       +------------->
>                                          To Device (n)
>	  In this scenario, I dial into the modem to the "magic box",
>	  and give it some character code or sequence to attach me to
>	  the specified port.  I can escape back to the magic-box 
>	  and request subsequent connections without having to 
>	  redial.  [Black box has one of these for 4 ports, but I hear
>	  its not too good.  Any experiences?]
CICnet did just this.  There was a 4 port I thought black box
code controled switch.  There was one port to the cisco router
and one to each of the csu ports.  The switch had like and esc, ctlz, n
where n was 1 - 4 saying switch to port 1-4.  Otherwise it was transparent.
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