Washington, DC prototype NAP

Andrew Partan asp at uunet.uu.net
Tue Oct 20 19:46:42 UTC 1992

PSI, AlterNet, and SprintLink have set up a prototype NAP in the
Washington, DC area.  This is based on MFS's 10 Megabit Ethernet

This is a prototype implementation of the NAP proposal.  We are going
to get it up and running and see how well it works.  Other network
providers are welcome to join with us in making this NAP a success.

The working 'rules' for this NAP are:
	- only network providers (no end users).
	- any network provider can join.
	- AUP-free on the NAP.
	- any provider can peer (or not peer) with any other provider
		  (mutual consent).
	- providers pay for 'their' connect point.
	- should any costs be assessed for the FIX-East connectivity,
		they will be shared on a pro-rata basis (there are no
		costs being charged at this time.)
	- no internal traffic on the NAP.

We have ordered a 3 drop MFS 10 Megabit Ethernet to form the NAP.
Drops are in College Park (to connect to FIX-East), the WilTel WDC POP,
and the Sprint WDC POP.

Sprint & AlterNet are connecting at the Sprint WDC POP.  PSI is
connecting at the WilTel WDC POP.  All three are using the NAP to
connect to FIX-East (the NSFNET and SURAnet) at College Park.

MFS is moving very fast on this installation.  They say that they
should be able to get the NAP up & running this week - current install
is for Wednesday.

	--asp at uunet.uu.net (Andrew Partan)

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