ANS to CIX Interconnection

skw skw
Thu Oct 1 08:47:26 UTC 1992

 >Mark, the main problem for us is if you don't filter out the 97 some odd
 >nets out of the AS 1957 routes you send us.  If you are willing to do
 >that, then we still don't have any new administrative load, and from NSI's
 >point of view, we're happy.  Did I read your statement right?  If so, we'd
 >definitely like to take you up on this offer!


The current plan is to NOT explicitly announce AS 1957 routes to anyone 
except a subset of ANS CO+RE/CIX members.  We also agreed not to announce 
the CIX nets to the T1 via the T1-T3 interconnect, to avoid having the 
routes leak into sites via the interconnect.  So, sites like NSI that 
don't do default routing will not suffer an increased administrative
burden in any way.
  --Steve W. 

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