mak mak
Fri Nov 6 17:14:46 UTC 1992

Hi. As many of you know already, Merit has turned over operations
for the NSFNET service to Advanced Network and Services (ANS). ANS
personnel now staff and manage the NOC and provide real-time
engineering support for the backbone, while Merit retains its
Internet Engineering, Network Management Systems, and Information
Services groups. Merit will continue to support the NSFNET Policy
Routing Database and related configuration services as well as
routing coordination for the NSF regionals and midlevels.

Because of this, e-mail for NOC staff is being moved to a
machine in the "" domain. The TROUBLE at mailbox
will now be TROUBLE at The entry for TROUBLE
will soon be a pointer to the list. Please begin using
the address to report problems and other NSFNET NOC
related issues to the ANS staff.

We at Merit will remain accessible and respond quickly
to your questions, problems, escalation or administrative 
issues related to the NSFNET backbone services. We have set up
a new list called NSFNET at for this purpose, and several
Merit managers and senior staff will be reading this list. Feel
free to use this list to communicate with us.

The other existing lists to reach Merit staff will also remain
operational, for example:

	ie at
		The Internet Engineering group, for technical
		communication related to routing issues.
	nsfnet-admin at
		The Policy Routing Database administration and
		configuration operations group, for network
		announcement change requests and other changes.
	nsfnet-info at
		For general user-related information about the
		NSFNET or the Internet.

Also please feel free to contact me directly if you have questions
about any of this.


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