Proposed change at the Interconnect

epg epg
Tue Nov 3 21:56:18 UTC 1992


>Please do not change the configuration for NSS5 per your earlier plan.  We
>will disable our peers such that all T1 only traffic to/from PSC will
>use the T1/T3 interconnects.

The earlier plan did not require a change in the configuration for
NSS 5, so we will be happy to maintain it as is.

>Please discontinue monitoring NSS5 peers at PSC.  Note that some are also
>ENSS132 peers and there are NSS5 peers at other sites.

Since you indicate that this will take a few days to implement,
will you please send a message to trouble at notifying
them when the change is implemented.

Thanks for letting us know your plans.  I have forwarded your
message to the configuration staff and the network operations


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