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Charley Kline cvk at
Tue Nov 3 18:12:58 UTC 1992

At  1:05 PM 11/3/92 -0500, epg at wrote:
>We are in agreement with all of your points and would even
>encourage you to stop peering with the T1, IF the T1
>safety tail is installed and you are a purely IP site
>(no CLNP traffic).

Well, now, I was in the same boat a few weeks ago, and asked if I should
simply ignore the T1, and was told no, it was best if I did not.

The end result is I'm taking T1-only routes from the NSS and nothing from
the ENSS, and pointing default at the ENSS. It seems to work fine, but I'm
wondering what has changed such that a different recommendation is being

The reasons I got for continuing to take T1 routes were CLNP, relying on
the T1-T3 interconnects as a single point of failure to T1-only nets, and
being able to use the T1 as a backup for the T3 should the ENSS fail (this
is not an issue anyway as apparently I can't take a default route from the
ENSS so I can't tell when to fail default over to the T1).

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