IP at conference Announcement, relates to security

Annie Renard Annie.Renard at inria.fr
Fri Mar 20 17:33:34 UTC 1992

Here it's a conference announcement for the "Convention UNIX 92"
having an Internet access for some visitors under control.

Please notify me ASAP of any missing information relevant to the security of
the network.

Feel free to forward the message to other persons.
Thanks for your cooperation and patience

        Annie Renard

        Fnet/INRIA-Rocquencourt, France
        Email: fr-domain-admin at corton.inria.fr
        Phone: +33 1 39 63 55 92
        Fax:   +33 1 39 63 53 30


			---- Conference Announcement ----

Convention UNIX 1992
The "Convention UNIX" will be held between the 24th and the 27th of
March 1992, IP connectivity is available for this conference to attendants.

This conference is hosted in Paris and is organized by AFUU (Association
Francaise des Utilisateurs d'Unix et des Systemes Ouverts) jointly by
BIRP (Bureau International de Relations Publiques).

Responsible Organization for the event:

			        11 rue Carnot
    	                        F-94270 Le Kremlin-Bicetre, France

				25 rue d'Astorg
				F-75008 Paris, France

Responsible Person:

        Name:                   Mr Sylvain Langlois	(AFUU)
        Email:		        Sylvain.Langlois at der.edf.fr
        Phone:          	+33 1 47 65 44 02
        Fax:                    +33 1 47 65 30 01

Physical location of the event:
				CNIT Paris la Defense
				Hall Pierre et Marie Curie

        Name:                   Mr Milan Sterba
	Email:			sterba at ba.expo.fr or sterba at fnet2g.expo.fr
        Phone:          	+33 1 46 92 18 01

        Name:                   Mr Roland Dirlewanger
        Email:		        dirlewan at ba.expo.fr
        Phone:          	+33 1 46 92 18 01

Subject of the event:
                                The Interoperability.

The responsible person of the organizaton listed above is aware and has
aggreed to the 'NSFnet Acceptable Usage Policy', to the 'EUnet Policy
Guidelines' and to the 'Internet Security Guidelines'.
The person understand that any violation to these policies could result in a
immediate disconnection from Fnet backbone (EUnet in France) through which
they get access to the Internet.
Particularly, connected hosts will not be left unattended (users' access
forbidden without being seen by responsible parties).

Network used

Network Number:       

Network Name:                   FNET-EXPO

Domain Name:                    expo.fr

AS Number to NSFnet:            1238 / 701

Technical Coordinator:
	Name:			 Yves Devillers
	Email:			 Yves.Devillers at inria.fr
	Phone:			 +33 1 39 63 55 96

Responsible Organization for the Network:
                                FNET for conferences
                                c/o INRIA-Rocquencourt, France

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