smr smr
Tue Mar 10 16:51:14 UTC 1992

 Effective the afternoon of Sunday March 15th, the Merit/NSFNET
 Information Services machine (,
 will be moving to a new platform. With this move we will be changing
 the directory structure slightly. Of specific interest to you may be
 the new location of the directories currently called "nsfsites" and
 "nsfconfg". Following the move these directories will be found as
         nsfsites --> nsfnet/announced.networks
         nsfconfg --> nsfnet/backbone.configuration
 In addition to these directory path/name changes, the "NETS.AS_*" 
 files that are currently found in the "maps" directory will be found 
 in the "nsfnet/announced.networks" directory. 

                                 Sheri Repucci
 				 Merit/Internet Engineering

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